Below are some testimonials of our past participants. A common experience of participants on our Tarkine trips is that they feel a desire to share their experiences with others and all of these people are happy to share their experiences with you directly. If you wish to contact any of the people below, simply let us know and we will provide you with their direct contact details. In this way you can bypass any bias you’ll get from us and go straight to the source. By the way, they are not getting anything from us for endorsing the Tarkine or what we do. They’ve simply had a great time and wish to share that with others.

Video Testimonial from Amogh Avarsha

The Tarkine is among the world’s most pristine rainforests. It is the largest cool temperate rainforest in the Southern Hemisphere and the second largest in the world. While I was in Australia, I got an invite from Greg the director of Tarkine Trails to travel to Tasmania and hike in the Tarkine. I grabbed the opportunity and to say the least, I was smitten by the forest. I also heard about the mining lobbies in the area and decided to put up a short video to let the world know of this beautiful place and the efforts to save it.

-Amogh Avarsha (http://amoghavarsha.com)


Simon Westaway

Actor + celebrity

Having just returned from spending several days with Tarkine Trails at their Tiger Ridge camp in the forest, I am now sitting with my child in Sydney sharing stories of 600 year old trees and pondering what was simply a profound experience. Sixty million year old wilderness is hard to come by today which makes places like the Tarkine hugely important not just for today, but for future generations.

Having traveled extensively, there are few places in the world that offer a direct relationship with something so ancient.

Thank you Tarkine Trails, I feel refreshed and grateful for the experience and committed to spreading the word regarding the Tarkine far and wide.


Dean Comber

Manager – Sustainability Strategy and Reporting

Our guide explained that ‘minimal impact’ was a common concept of ecotourism, but that Tarkine Trails preferred a concept of ‘maximum respect’. That is, that we as humans were part of this giant organism that is the rainforest, not just external entities that act upon it. By recognising we are part of it, by being immersed in it for a number of days, accepting the minor and easily repaired impact you have, you take responsibility for the influence you have and show respect for this large, symbiotic and truly beautiful system. That concept really struck a chord with me as the best way to protect this unique place.



Susan Yates

Going on the Tarkine trip was one of the best decisions I ever made. The walks were perfect for my needs – not too long (the longest was 4 hours), plenty of good company, extraordinarily beautiful scenery, and fascinating information from our knowledgeable guides about the local flora and fauna, the aboriginal history of the area, etc. The highlights for me were the cruise on the glorious Pieman River, sitting around the campfire by the ocean with our mugs of red wine, and the joy of seeing the Tasmanian devil on the windy night we visited the beachside property.


Juliet Richardson

In early February 07, I joined a 6 day Tarkine Trails walk called the Tarkine Explorer. Most holidays involve some travel, new experiences, new places and so on, and spending a week in the Tarkine was all of these and yet so much more. The emotions that were stirred deep within me by the splendour and majesty of that amazing rainforest took me by surprise. I was overwhelmed by the rugged beauty and pristine remoteness of both the forests and rivers, and also the Tarkine’s wild coast. What a privilege to have been there and to still feel those emotions – such an ancient, awe-inspiring landscape is truly humbling. I hope that I can return one day – please let me know if you are able to build some standing camps. I would really love to do your rain forest walk without having to carry a heavy pack.


Dean Povey

Computer Programmer
I recently undertook a six day guided walk with Tarkine Trails at the behest of a close friend. Despite having travelled through Tasmania before, this was the first time that I had heard of the Tarkine, which I now find remarkable given the beauty and importance of this wilderness. The six days I spent with Tarkine Trails consistently exceeded my expectations as to both the uniqueness of this destination, and the knowledge and professionalism of our guides. They showed great passion and experience, yet retained a refreshing sense of wonder about the forest and the natural beauty within it.

They also showed a deep commitment to the Tarkine and its sustainability as an eco-tourism destination with its potential benefits to the Northwest region. This was evidenced not just in words, but also in their actions, such as their use of local produce like honey, cheeses and fruit on the walk. Their subtle but passionate advocacy of the Tarkine left me with a profound sense that this is a place that needs nurturance and love, and that it should become an experience sought after by all Australians and indeed the world. I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend the Tarkine as a destination with Tarkine Trails as guides to my family and friends.


Deb Thompson

Child Education Facilitator

I went on a trip to the Tarkine over the New Year which was guided by ‘Tarkine Trails’. We spent half the time in an unbelievably beautiful ancient rainforest, whose beauty has burned itself into my soul. I could not bear to live in a world where such places do not exist and so want to know that my grandchildren will be able to experience the same awe and wonder as I did. The second part of the trip was on a remote ocean beach – again there are no words to do it justice. I expected something special on this trip. The very name ‘Tarkine evokes wilderness and remote, unspoilt areas, however it is only in relationship with such a place that one begins to realize how special it is and how precious to us all as humans.

The man, Darvis, who guided us was exceptional in his knowledge and love of this area. His professionalism was amazing – nothing was too much or too difficult for him. He managed difficulties of personalities, logistics and practicalities all with equal serenity and ease. I have complete trust in the ability of Tarkine Trails to promote this area, while caring for their clients and adding to Tasmania’s tourism industry in the most eco- sensitive way. I work with young people in Sydney and I hope to return and bring a mob of youngsters with me. I would not hesitate to recommend this experience to everyone I meet.


Sharon Cunningham

Medical Research Scientist

The opportunity to explore the Tarkine rain forest was a magical experience for me. I felt extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to walk through such a beautiful and ancient place. The crew from Tarkine Trails were extremely professional, providing great pre-trip support with regard to making sure we had the right gear, in addition to supplying fantastic meals, information about the rainforest’s flora and fauna, and in general making the 6 days as pleasurable as they could. I have been recommending their tour company to all my friends, and in fact, my travel companion and I will be making a presentation of our trip to our bush walking club.


Katie Findley

public affairs advisor, Melbourne

I’ve travelled the world only to find one of the best nature-based experiences a short plane ride from home. The Wild Tarkine Coast trip allowed me to just be me – no stress or pressures from my way of life were able to compete with the sheer magnificence and natural beauty of this remote area of Tasmania. It seems to have a special soul-healing capacity that gives back the more you embrace and start to understand it. This really was one of those rare gems – an experience that will have a profound and life-changing impact on me; the perfect way to get back to nature and explore a very special part of the world.

Thank you Tarkine Trails for the opportunity to form my own opinion of this wilderness area. The trip was expertly run and I will be recommending it.

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