Below are testimonials from people who have experienced the Tarkine with Tarkine Trails. We’re delighted they loved the area as much as we do.

World-class interpretation of the takayna/Tarkine area

Staying with Tarkine Trails at Tiger Ridge, under the towering canopies of the endless and ancient rainforest, was a quite transcendent experience. Think about it: you’re in a small perch hidden in a forest in that few people have heard about, let alone ever visited, on a vast swathe of land where no one – not even our indigenous people – has ever settled.

The Tarkine Trails guides are truly people of the land, in that all their learning is backed not only by science but most importantly has come through living in and becoming ensconced in these wild places. The type of learning they transfer to you about the ecosystem and the history of the land you’re living in can’t be taught from books alone; it involves your senses: eyes, smell and mostly your ears. You’re paying in part for the delicious food, drink and hospitality, but mostly you’re paying for the world-class interpretation of the takayna/Tarkine area. There’s nothing difficult in understanding the issues facing the takayna/Tarkine and the information is presented clearly, with humour and with contagious passion. There’s a story in every fungus, every river, every leaf; many stories in fact.

Everyone who left Tiger Ridge that week went home with not just an ability to spread new knowledge but a yearning to. This unique piece of Australia simply must be protected.

Ricky F
Victoria, Australia

Tarkine Magic

Our group of 9 friends traveled into the Tarkine to stay at Tiger Ridge base camp as part of the Tarkine Rainforest Walk four day experience. Our guides Dan and Mic were friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable.

We were treated to excellent food and drinks in the magical surrounds of this pristine and very precious part of the world. Our delicious evening sun-downers and meals were served around the warmth and glow of a glass enclosed pot belly fire surrounded and overlooking the ancient trees and ferns.

The guided walks into the forest were an immersion into beauty, tranquility and the wonder of nature. What a privilege to be able to live in this virtually untouched landscape in such comfort.

Highly recommended for all nature lovers.

Perth, Australia

Walking through a different world

I did the six day Rainforest Walk. Spending this time walking through an other worldly, moss-covered, primeval landscape was indescribably moving, humbling and joyous.

Words really can’t do it justice; you’re just going to have to go and see/feel for yourself. On a more practical level, the pre-trip organisation was flawless, the guides were knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the Tarkine and they looked after us superbly. I don’t know what they’re paid but its not enough!

One of the delights of this walk is that you’re not following tracks, so good guides are essential and although I felt pleasantly divorced from the everyday world I always felt completely safe.

The waterfalls, brightly coloured fungi (including some glow-in-the-dark green ones), gurgling creeks, towering trees and centuries old tree ferns were wonderful but it was the intangible atmosphere of this ancient place that had the most profound and, I suspect, lasting effect on me. Do this walk if you possibly can.

Rosemary G
Bendigo, Australia


We had an incredible time at the Tarkine. The guides were thoughtful, caring and very informative. The food awesome and the experience to be in this remote, ancient rainforest simply stunning. Thank you for letting me have such a memorable time.

Melbourne, Australia

Tarkine Adventure

Our visit to the Tarkine was a life changing adventure. It was a wonderful opportunity to relax, live in the moment and recharge our batteries. Our guides, Trevor, Jane and Dan, were delightful, very caring and knowledgable.

They provided us with beautiful Tasmanian food and wine and catered for the group’s many dietary requirements. Our days were spent exploring our surroundings with our guides and the walkers set the pace. Our nights were spent laughing and getting to know the others in the group. It was quite therapeutic and the Tarkine truly is a magical place.

Hobart, Australia


My partner and I were picked up from Launceston and from the moment we stepped into the van we knew we were in for a fun, educational and easy going experience!

All the guides were relaxed, knowledgeable and professional. The walks were calm and allowed for plenty of photo opportunities or even just moments to reflect.

The environment is like none other! Immense ancient trees that will leave you with your jaw on the floor. Microscopic fungi that come in all shapes and sizes, and some perhaps not even discovered yet!

All of our needs were met, even a vegan diet for myself. The long hut was a fantastic communal area to share stories but private tents were only a short distance away if you felt like retreating.

One of the highlights for me was the Japanese style shower. And the water was hot!

But the most important thing about this trip was the connection we made with this unique wilderness. It draws you in and infects your veins. You don’t want to leave. And for that, as well as MANY other environmental reasons, it deserves protection.

Go. Experience it. And be amazed.

Bernadette C
Hobart, Australia

Totally supported immersion in the Tarkine Wilderness

Stunningly beautiful forest and rivers. An amazing profusion of brightly coloured fungi. We were completely supported in the wilderness environment. The walks were led at a leisurely pace with plenty of opportunity for rest, photography and just soaking it in. The long hut was a great meeting place and dining room, high above the forest on the top of Tiger Ridge. The accommodation consisted of a large, head high 2 room tent situated with privacy. We ate very well washed down with great coffee and Tasmanian wines. The guides were deeply knowledgeable about the area, flora and fauna, passionate in their concern for the environment and great fun. There was a lot of laughter. I would recommend this trip to anyone who would like a well supported trip in the Tasmanian Tarkine wilderness.

Charles C
Hobart, Australia

Luxury in the Tarkine

For anyone wanting to get right up close and personal with the Tasmanian rainforest and not an experienced bushwalker or even camper, then this is the ideal way to do it.

Everything is provided for you including transport, food, accommodation and expert guiding. The walks are very easy going and there’s plenty of time to take in the scenery or take photos.

The food deserves special mention. There was cheese and biscuits, wine, beautiful main courses and desserts and even cooked lunches on our walks.

All up a great trip and highly recommended.

John O
Hobart, Australia

Australian rainforest as it was, as it should be

What a way to start my new ‘thing’ of hiking. A 6 day bushwalk in one of the most beautiful parts of this beautiful country. The idea of going somewhere where so few people have been, leaving the ‘civilised’ world so far behind really appealed to me. It was green, it was quiet, it was full of the most wonderful array of fungi, of trees, ferns, grasses, fallen logs, ‘totem poles’ created by black cockatoos, masses of mosses, lichens, devil cameras, pristine rivers, cascading waterfalls. Heaven (yes, we really went there).

And the Tarkine Trail folk who make the visits possible – you seriously could not ask for better service (thanks Indianna!) nor better companions (not just guides or drivers – thanks Dan, thanks Erik, thanks Gino!) They all truly care about this planet and in particular this spectacular region. Their passion for it, for its continued existence, and for their part in showcasing the Tarkine to the world via their intimate tours, is inspiring. It bodes well for the future.

Carrying what I needed (well, mostly – thanks Mark!), drinking water from the river, sharing wonderful meals with good like-minded folk (hi Caroline, hi Jason, hi Brian!), snuggled at night in my sleeping bag in my little tent under the stars, getting to sleep not long after dark, feeling encouraged and supported by my fellow hikers (because yes, my short legs did make me last to arrive every time), I also felt supported by the environment, by the very air around me. I even swam in the river – totally NOT planned, but I couldn’t resist it.

I plan to go again, next time on the Tarkine CoastTrail. It’s good to know that, after that, if I don’t feel up to a 6 day hike, with a 15k pack, Tarkine Trails has a rainforest base camp, where I can stay and just go on day walks into the forest. It looks beautiful.

I’d encourage everyone to get to the Tarkine, to see its majesty, to breathe in its essence, and to understand its importance.

Mt Egerton, Australia

The most beautiful place on the planet

This is an ancient rainforest – 600 year old trees, 800 year old palms – a place where very few people have visited.

Stay in comfortable tents, carry very little – delicious meals & wine – it is a magical place.

Learn about the forest, the plants and how unique it is from the guides. What more can I say – put it on your bucket list – and visit now.

Brisbane, Australia

Fun in the Bush

We spent 3 lovely nights at the longhouse, the experience made wonderful by the efforts and kind-spiritedness of the guides (combined of course with the beauty of the rainforest!).

Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for some time away, or really for any reason.

Maxim A
NSW, Australia

Absolute freedom

Amazing rainforest and wilderness that you see on TV and say it can’t be that beautiful! Well it is and more.

You walk with a point of view that time is etched on the trees and rocks, history and culture echoing with each step. It’s a great treat and one I’ll never forget! True freedom.

Sheryl R
San Francisco, United States

Glorious Experience

This was probably the most glorious experience of my life; the most pristine place I have ever visited, so worthy of world heritage classification; small group of likeminded individuals from a good cross-section, who really cared about the natural environment.

Everything was stunning, from the location, to the service, cuisine, beverages and comfort. The guides were very knowledgeable and personable, and added to the overall atmosphere. The cost was well worth it for a soul cleansing adventure.

Ken P
Sydney, Australia

An accessible, tread-lightly experience in the Tarkine rainforest

I travelled to the Tarkine Rainforest Retreat with a small group of photographer friends. Tarkine Trails have set up a brilliantly-designed minimal-impact camp on a ridge which, first, reduces the amount of equipment we normally would bring to spend several days in wilderness and, second, provides both vista (from the dining area) and forest intimacy (from the tents). I admire those who had the vision to create the relatively comfortable eco-facility, with barely marked trails that wind through the rainforest.

Raven and Johnny are good-humoured, knowledgeable and considerate guides showing us detail of the forest which we might not otherwise observe. They bring in all the consumables we need, prepare our meals showcasing Tasmanian produce, and take out all the waste.

I recommend this experience if you are moderately active, are prepared to put your usual connectivity with the world aside, and wish to spend a few days enveloped by unique temperate rainforest. For the time we were there I felt as though I was in a parallel universe, serene and reflective.

Melbourne, Australia

Simply brilliant

We have just completed the four day rainforest walk and thoroughly enjoyed it. The guides were terrific; knowledgeable, skilled and passionate about the Tarkine. The lodge works wonderfully, tents and beds are excellent. Food was better than expected. Highly recommended for local and overseas guests looking to experience the pristine forest.

Anne B
Melbourne, Australia

A very special place

We did the 4 day rainforest walk, which is light on walking but a beautiful experience. Each day you set off from base camp for an easy walk exploring ancient temperate rainforest. The guides are passionate and knowledgeable. The evenings are spent chatting around the fireplace of the long hut with various local wines and a well cooked dinner. This is a very important part of the world.

Emily C
Melbourne, Australia

The Tarkine captured our hearts

The passion, dedication and professionalism of the team of guides, Trevor and Karl, and photographers, Rob and Loic, was very impressive.

Comfortable tent accommodation, healthy and tasty meals and good bathroom facilities in the middle of the wilderness, all came together as a truly memorable experience.

We came to capture the spirit of the rainforest on camera, and the Tarkine captured our hearts.

Paul & Ulrike F
Victoria, Australia

Video Testimonial from Amogh Avarsha

The Tarkine is among the world's most pristine rainforests. It is the largest cool temperate rainforest in the Southern Hemisphere and the second largest in the world. While I was in Australia, I got an invite from Greg the director of Tarkine Trails to travel to Tasmania and hike in the Tarkine. I grabbed the opportunity and to say the least, I was smitten by the forest. I also heard about the mining lobbies in the area and decided to put up a short video to let the world know of this beautiful place and the efforts to save it.

-Amogh Avarsha (http://amoghavarsha.com)